It’s Friday!

What’s up everyone.  This is Logan and here is some more insights into the life of a toy maker.

Yesterday, I got my blog working and shortly after that I was informed that my first paid ad for the web was approved.  I know this may seem like a simple thing but it’s a big deal for my small company.

Its the first step to growing the company to better serve you.  Also I am now on Instagram!  Come on over and follow me there on our journey and see our travels when I attend toy shows and other events.  Follow us here!  Thank you to our first followers!

I’m so proud of what we have done and so much more to come in the next few days.  Like a lots of new products coming in.  Neo Scale Models just keeps out doing themselves.  Another beautiful Peterbilt 351 conventional, this time with a sleeper.

Get it this weekend not for the regular $95.88, which it is totally worth by the way, but till midnight on Sunday, June 16 get it for only $79.99.  Buy it here!


P.S. The new Peterbilt really looks sharp with any vintage trailer.  See how it looks sitting parked at my truck stop on its way to meet up with the rest of the antique truck club at the Sheridan County Fair.  The guys sure do like to polish up the old trucks before they bring them to the Fair and John sure did a fine job with this old Pete of his.

What a day and how it turned out!

Wow, this has been one heck of a day. If it wasn’t for the 12 glitches in getting this blog installed and running, I would have really enjoyed it.

It started off simple enough, install wordpress so that I can have a blog for all my adoring fans. Turns out that isn’t as simple as it sounds since wordpress did something goofy and linked itself to a folder that didn’t exist. Talk about fun trying to fix that issue.

But finally I got it done as you can see by reading this post here and can officially welcome you into my world, the world of diecast collectibles.

My passion is these great little pieces. They are great for making a world through our own eyes. In my own life I’ve built a layout with a mix of icons from different generations to build the city I’d love to live in.

Just today I added in another wonderful piece to the vintage truck show going on at the county fair, a 1973 Chevrolet Titan/90 cab-over from Advantage Diecast. Man talk about detail, this truck has it right down to the gauges on the dashboard.

You need to get one of your very own to really set your collection above the rest. Order today.



PS. Here is a pic of the truck sitting in the truck show. Doesn’t it look good and won’t it look great sitting on your layout or shelf?