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1-48 Scale Military Aircraft


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Supermarine Spitfire MK.XIVe RAF

Regular Price: $54.95

1/48th Scale Airplane Die-Cast Military Aircraft Supermarine Spitfire MK.XIVe from 17 Squadron Royal Air Force, SEA Command, Burma 1945, "Ginger" Lacey "Jean-Marie Maridor" by Hobby Master

Recommended for ages 14 & Older!

item #: hmha7104


General Background:
The Spitfire MK XIV was the most important Griffon-engined Spitfire.  It was powered by a 2,035 horsepower Griffon 65 engine based on the MK. VIII fuselage.  Given its superior performance, the MK.XIVs were used extensively to intercept the high speed V-1 flying bombs from Germany.  In the European continent the aircraft was mainly used as armed reconnaissance searching for enemy targets.

Probably one of the best-known fighters of WWII the Spitfire had a big psychological effect at home and in Germany.  With its great performance the British were given hope of surviving the Battle of Britain and the German pilots learned to respect its fighting capabilities.  It wasn't the workhorse the Hurricane was but the great handling capabilities along with its great looks made the Spitfire a WWII icon.  The plane was also used very successfully in a reconnaissance role and was the only Allied fighter in production for the entire WWII years.

The Aircraft:
The James Harry "Ginger" Lacey was one of the RAF's top scoring pilots of WWII with 28 confirmed kills, 4 probables and 9 damaged aircraft.  Lacey had other notable achievements such as becoming C/O of No. 17 Squadron in November 1944, he was shot down or forced to land 9 times and he was the first Spitfire pilot to fly over Japan.  He was one of a few Royal Air Force pilots that were on operational duty on the first day of WWII as well as the last.


Country of origin: Britain
Classification: Single-engine fighter
Crew: 1
Production: First produced in 1943
Number produced: 950 of all XIV variants
Wingspan: 36 feet 10 inch
Length: 32 feet 8 inch
Powerplant: 1 x Rolls-Royce Griffon 54 12 cylinder liquid-cooled engine rates at 2,035 horsepower
Maximum Speed: 447 mph
Range: 460 miles on internal tanks
Maximum Ceiling: 42,978 feet
Empty Weight: 6,603 pounds
Maximum Weight: 10,285 pounds
Take-off Weight: 6,890 pounds maximum
Armament: 4 x Browning 7.7mm (0.303in) machine guns, 2 x 20mm (.078in) Hispano cannons, up to a 1,000lb payload with other options possible

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